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The organization was established on 2nd September in the year 1991. The first state conference was held at St.Thomas College, Thrissur on 11th January 1992 presided over by Joby George and inagurated by Shri. A.Madhavam Master(Cochin Devasom Board President) 52 teacheres participated and elected the members for the state council and named the organization as Aided Higher Secondary Teachers Association(AHSTA).

The history of Aided Higher Secondary Teachers Association (AHSTA) is the history of the aided higher secondary teachers of Kerala who, like a phoenix bird, had risen up successfully from trials and tribulations. As per the National Education Policy, 31 aided higher secondary schools were started in Kerala in 1991. The 270 higher secondary teachers who entered service in these schools were totally unorganized. Thus, on 9th Sept 1992, with the blessings of the former Chief Minister of Kerala Sri.K.Karunakaran, and the support of the Late Sri. M Madhavan sir, the former Chairman of Cochin Devaswom Board, these teachers were organized together to form the Aided Higher Secondary Teachers or AHSTA at a function at the St. Thomas College Thrissur. AHSTA began functioning with Sri.Joby George as its first President and Sri.Sugadhan as the first General Secretary.
Milestones and Activities
Agitation for a Pay Scale in 1995 that lead to the implementation of a separate Pay Scale for Plus Two Teachers with effect from 1st June, 1995.
Efforts to regularize the newly appointed Plus Two teachers who faced the danger of dismissal if they did not clear the eligibility test. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of AHSTA in this case.
The proposal to reduce the Pay scale of Plus Two teachers that to be withdrawn by the authorities after our constant petitions and agitations in connection to it.
The Plus Two teachers who had entered service in 2000 did not come under the government designated positions and pay-scale. This was taken up by AHSTA successfully with the government agreeing to our just demands
The decision by the Government to appoint senior Plus Two teachers as Principals of Higher Secondary schools was opposed by some other teachers’ organizations. But ASHTA bravely stood with Plus Two teachers and fought effort fully for this ultimately leading to the implementation of this government order that was in favor of eligible senior Plus Two teachers.
In 2003, allowances for Paper Valuation were not given to Plus Teachers though in the previous years they received it. The government came out with an order releasing the allowances only after a struggle by us.
The practice by some schools that gave remuneration to Exam Supervisors according to their wish was ended after an agitation by ASHTA.
Increments were denied to some teachers, who joined in 1998, due to the whims of some DEOs. This matter was taken up seriously by ASHTA leading to an order from the Director of Higher Secondary Education that enabled Plus Two teachers to receive increments regularly and uniformly.
The pay scale which was cut down by the 9th pay commission was reinstated in april 2013 as a result of the continuous effort by the AHSTA.
Joby George
AKM HSS Poochatty
K.K Sugatham
ASM HSS Alathur
MSM HSS Kalpakanchery

Moly Abrahame
Jayakeralam HSS
Dr.Nedumpana Anil
(PG Dept. of Economics)
MG College,Thiruvananthapuram
Kannadi HSS

George Kutty P Mathew
SNDP HSS Udayam Peroor
Our Former Officials
Year President Gen.Secretary Treasurer
1991 - 92 Joby George K.K.Sugathan S.Thyagarajan
1992 - 93 Joby George K.K.Sugathan S.Thyagarajan
1993 - 94 Joby George K.K.Sugathan S.Thyagarajan
1994 - 95 Joby George K.K.Sugathan S.Thyagarajan
1995 - 96 Joby George Shaju Puthoor George Kutty P. Mathew
1996 - 97 Joby George Shaju Puthoor George Kutty P. Mathew
1997 - 98 Moly Abraham B.Mohan Kumar George Kutty P. Mathew
1998 - 99 Moly Abraham Meenadom Harikumar George Kutty P. Mathew
1999 - 2000 Joby George Meenadom Harikumar T.Prasannakumar
2000 - 2001 Joby George Meenadom Harikumar B.Mohankumar
2001 - 2002 Nedumpana Anil Meenadom Harikumar B.Mohankumar
2002 - 2003 Nedumpana Anil Meenadom Harikumar B.mohankumar
2003 - 2004 Nedumpana Anil Meenadom Harikumar B.Mohankumar
2004 - 2005 Nedumpana Anil Meenadom Harikumar Ravikumar
2005 - 2006 Nedumpana Anil Meenadom Harikumar Ravikumar
2006 - 2007 Nedumpana Anil Shaju Puthoor Ravikumar
2007 - 2008 Nedumpana Anil Shaju Puthoor Ravikumar
2008 - 2009 Nedumpana Anil Shaju Puthoor Ravikumar
2009 - 2010 Nedumpana Anil Shaju Puthoor Ravikumar
2010 - 2011 Nedumpana Anil Shaju Puthoor Ravikumar
2011 - 2012 T.Prasannakumar Shaju Puthoor Ravikumar
2012 - 2013 T.prasannaKumar Shaju Puthoor Jose John
2013 - 2014 T.Prasannakumar B.Mohankumar Jose John

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